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the blinders have been removed

i hope this site catches on cause i feel it'll do us all good in the long run :)

my name is rebekah and i've never been married. been in a few serious relationships, the last of which ended in may. this is the first time i've enjoyed my freedom instead of trying to find someone right away. guess i got tired of being told "you're the best girlfriend i've ever had!! but i knew right away i didn't want to marry you". WTF!! at least this last one told me sooner than later in the relationship. but it did knock me to the ground wounded when it happened.

sometimes i find it hard being single because i've always wanted to be married and have a family. but this time around i'm determined to enjoy every moment of it!! because i'm single i got to accomplish one of my dreams of moving to another state just because i wanted to. i feel like the blinders have finally been removed from my eyes and i see the whole world instead of tunneling in on finding a husband. i want to travel. i want to take classes and learn new things. i want to follow MY dreams instead of helping my boyfriend accomplish his only to get the shaft when it became my turn. i want to celebrate life...MY LIFE.


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Sep. 9th, 2006 08:51 pm (UTC)
see, i didn't even make it to something serious in my history of relationships. i was always told that i was perfect and wonderful and a dream, but the guy simply did not feel in love with me and missed all the excitement and heartbeats...now that is shit! being told that you are what a man actually dreams of but finding no one who goes all mad just because i am near.

i was never one of the girls who felt incomplete without a relationship. and having a family and kids has never been what i always wanted to have. i was looking for love, but with having no demand for all the future family stuff, i still failed in finding something wonderful. of course i had times when i desperately wished for someone, but that is years ago. now i rather enjoy the quietness my life got. isn't it crazy how we tend to forget our own goals in life and the things that would make us happy just for a guy that comes along who would never even think about giving things up for us?
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