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a good article

I was surfing around and found this article: Do You Keep Falling For Jerks?
Really cool since it has this topic viewed from a woman and a man. I'm not looking at the moment but I'll definitely keep this info in mind!


the blinders have been removed

i hope this site catches on cause i feel it'll do us all good in the long run :)

my name is rebekah and i've never been married. been in a few serious relationships, the last of which ended in may. this is the first time i've enjoyed my freedom instead of trying to find someone right away. guess i got tired of being told "you're the best girlfriend i've ever had!! but i knew right away i didn't want to marry you". WTF!! at least this last one told me sooner than later in the relationship. but it did knock me to the ground wounded when it happened.

sometimes i find it hard being single because i've always wanted to be married and have a family. but this time around i'm determined to enjoy every moment of it!! because i'm single i got to accomplish one of my dreams of moving to another state just because i wanted to. i feel like the blinders have finally been removed from my eyes and i see the whole world instead of tunneling in on finding a husband. i want to travel. i want to take classes and learn new things. i want to follow MY dreams instead of helping my boyfriend accomplish his only to get the shaft when it became my turn. i want to celebrate life...MY LIFE.
so i thought i should contribute to this new community with basicly introducing myself to all the other millions of members of this community, haha.

alright. me=annett, living in germany.

i have been single for almost a year now. and i am a very disasterous person when it comes to romance and all that feelings. i have some really weird stories to tell about my experiences with relationships, and i am quite happy to be single at the moment. i really don't need someone who robs all my concentration and time and thoughts when i have to work on my thesis. i also finally found many things i want to do with my life that i probably won't with a special someone by my side, like learning to surf, and travelling lots and finding myself and just enjoy myself. i can eat what i want. and when i want. go to bed when i feel like it and have the whole bed for myself. and when i watch all the couples around me, i often rather wonder why they are together.

i don't know. maybe we should have some meme or questions for newbies, so that we see what kind of single chicks we have here?

about the group...

Poll #816763 Introduce Yourself

What is your age group?

under 20
20 - 24
25 - 29
30 - 35
over 35

What makes you single?

never been married

Which best describes you?

I love being single and won't let anyone take away my freedom!
I don't really like being single but it's not that bad.
I'm only single for the moment. Always keeping my eye out!
I'm single because of a tragedy. It's going to take time.
I HATE being single!
Single? I'm not single (if you select this you don't belong here)

Name at least one good thing about being single: