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Celebrate your independence

Cafe Single Chick
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one day i was kinda bumming over the fact that i will soon be 26, never been married, don't have any kids, etc. so i started thinking about the benefits of being single: FREEDOM. if i wanted to stay out late i don't have to worry about okaying it with my hubby or finding a babysitter. if i wanted to take a roadtrip to see the biggest ball of twine or move to Seattle i could. don't feel like shaving my legs for 3 weeks, i don't feel guilty about it. i only have to worry about myself. sure makes grocery shopping a lot easier!

then i realized that a lot of my friends on here are female, in their 20's or 30's and single. so why not have a place where us chicks could celebrate our independence? of course there are downsides and sometimes you feel really lonely and wonder what's wrong with you that you're not like everyone else. even more so to have a support group of your peers to help you get through those downtimes!

so if you're single (no hubby, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc) and female i'm inviting you to join. just remember three things:

1. this is not for male bashing (but if you care to bitch about an ex feel free).
2. this is not a dating service.
3. and lift your chicas up if they're feeling down.

please introduce yourself when you join and take our poll.

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